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At Fitwell Suits we pride ourselves in our ability to produce the highest quality suits possible by gathering fabrics of the upmost quality from different mills across the world. Providing our customers with a wide array of options with different fabrics, colors, weights and compositions grant our customers the opportunity to find the exact type of fabric they require. Gathering resources from mills all over the globe allows our customers to not only feel professional, but also set them apart from other businessmen through exotic fabrics unparalleled to those in present day suits. Our suits are handmade from start to finish, starting with 3½ yards of fabric from which each custom tailored suit is born.

Through years of experience we have found the best methods to craft each unique piece entirely by hand, providing each suit with individuality and a personal touch. With a minimum of 30 hours of workmanship, and thousands of bastings, each suit is constructed with an undeniable passion for perfection. In comparison to suits in todays market Fitwell Suits continue to stand above the competition with our unique hands on approach from start to finish of each product. Other tailors in the industry fuse, or glue, cloth to canvas materials leaving each suit with a stiff and hard feel. In today’s market there is no longer a place for an uncomfortable suit, rather a suit that provides mobility, elegance, and a sense of character.

Our Custom Selections